Pre-Workout (Tropical Sunrise)

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  • Improved Energy and Endurance: Planta Verde’s Tropical Sunrise Pre-Workout provides a sustained energy boost that helps you power through your workouts without feeling exhausted afterward. Perform at your best and achieve your fitness goals more effectively!
  • Enhanced Focus: With Planta Verde’s Tropical Sunrise Pre-Workout, you can enjoy enhanced focus during your workouts. This means you can stay motivated and on-task, ensuring that you get the most out of your exercise routine.
  • Delicious Flavor: Planta Verde’s Tropical Sunrise Pre-Workout has a delicious tropical flavor that will make your workouts more enjoyable. This means you can look forward to taking your pre-workout supplement, rather than dreading it like some other supplements.
  • Essential Vitamins and Nutrients: Our Pre-Workout is packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that help support your overall health and wellbeing. This means you’re not only boosting your energy and endurance during your workouts, but you’re also nourishing your body with the nutrients it needs to perform at its best.
A Certificate of Analysis, or COA, is a document from an accredited laboratory that shows the quantity of various cannabinoids in a product.
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55 reviews for Pre-Workout (Tropical Sunrise)

  1. Jennifer Adams

    This is the third one I have ordered and I have not been disappointed.Tastes great and mixes easy.

  2. Jaden K.

    Great product that seems to support longer and faster paced training sessions.I can feel the energy difference an I get the best workout with no crash. Also great for recovery.

  3. Liza W.

    What you pay for is what you get. Fantastic product – tastes good and love all the ingredients in it. Great price.

  4. Brad D.

    Good price and taste compared to other brands. Love all the vitamins in it. Recommend it.

  5. Erin C.

    Great quality like Planta Verde always provides. Get good energy from it.

  6. Janelle Knight

    This is my favorite flavor for any pre workout supplement but this is by far my favorite because of all the ingredients and didn’t leave me with the jitters.

  7. Michele S.

    Will definitely continue to use this pre workout. Very tasty and it gives me everything I need before I hit the gym.

  8. Gail P.

    Dissolves fairly well, has great flavor. Taking it every day before my evening workouts.

  9. Warren Duncan

    Great taste and good energy for long and hard workouts.

  10. Elliott B.

    Five stars. Awesome product.

  11. Travis Hart

    Excellent product for the money!

  12. J. Hansen

    Delicious energy boost. Mixes well.

  13. Everett A.

    I use half of a scoop and that does the trick for me. It works great!

  14. Theo Cunningham

    Tastes great.

  15. Regina D.

    So much better and healthier than energy drinks. First time using it and so far I am enjoying it a lot.

  16. Marcus Santos

    Good flavor and focus enhancer.

  17. Leigh A.

    Great balance for the price with great ingredients. Quality is on point.

  18. Summer Anderson

    Not a huge fan of the flavor but then again I am not a fan of pre workouts but I drink it because I need the extra energy and focus to workout. Definitely works like it says it does and worth the money. Would buy it again.

  19. Brooke T.

    Great price for a great product. Thank you.

  20. Joanne Sarni

    One of the best tasting pre workouts I’ve had. Good price and I can’t wait til I’m close to running out so I can put my next order in. Shipping was fast and easy too!

  21. A. Nelson

    Use it regularly before my workouts. No bad side effects – highly recommend it.

  22. Danielle Payne

    Wonderful pre-workout! Take it at least five times per week before working out.

  23. Caleb S.

    Great for the days when you’re not in the mood to go to the gym, and makes you forget about the tiredness. The taste is great too.

  24. Branden R.

    Love the taste….it reminds of pina colada but my boyfriend disagrees (he also takes it daily). I can concentrate and train longer when I take it.

  25. Darrell Pierce

    Energy is clean, good ingredients. It does the job and I’m very satisfied with it.

  26. Valerie Gardner

    The best pre work out I’ve ever tried. Super effective and it has a pleasant taste. Gives me the energy I need for an intense workouts or any workout really.

  27. Eleanor C.

    Very effective, it invigorates you instantly, giving you the energy you need for an intense workout. Great taste!

  28. John Armstrong

    Works extremely well – it does what it says. Happy customer, no complaints.

  29. Jamie Hawkins

    I like this a lot. It doesn’t give you that shaky, jittery, anxious feeling. It gives me energy and focus. Much better than most products on the market. Great product for all fitness lovers. I recommend it with confidence to everyone.

  30. Kelly Myers

    It makes me feel good. It reduces fatigue and even calms the feeling of tension and also does not cause nausea like other products I’ve tried have done.

  31. Jordan Campos

    A very well balanced product. The tropical sunrise aroma is very pleasant, it doesn’t give me that irritating heavy anxiety feeling. It gives me energy and focus. Much better than most on the market

  32. Kelce M.

    Whenever I take it, I feel as if I could run a marathon. I recommend it, it is very effective and it is also tasty!

  33. Nicolas H.

    When I first tried this product, I knew I had found the pre-workout that would help me through workouts. It is a powerful product that does exactly what it promises to do but does not give you the shakes. You can tell the difference immediately with a burst of energy. A must for anyone who like to workout.

  34. Roy Dunn

    Great product from perspectives…I have tested the flavor and it is so good. It dissolves very well and gives me the boost of energy I need before exercising.

  35. Kris S.

    The best preworkout, very well dosed and with an extraordinary price. Love the taste- it reminds me of a tropical vacation drink. 🙂

  36. Megan Wilson

    Mixes well and tastes pretty good.

  37. Sophie T.

    I am very happy with the tropical sunrise flavor. It mixes well. This product delivers a great level of energy and focus.

  38. Janice Kelley

    I’ve tried many products but this by far has the best flavor for me. It worked great! I have recommended it to my coworkers and they love it as well. Wonderful product. I will buy it again.

  39. Rose D.

    This pre workout is the best. Giving me more energy to get through my workouts. Good stuff, clean and pure.

  40. Lauren Weaver

    Pleasant taste, instantly invigorates me, giving me the energy I need for an intense workout. Dissolves very well. I recommend it

  41. Sally B.

    Nice! It works well and tastes even better.

  42. Ben P.

    Best pre-workout I’ve used so far. It’s worth the money.

  43. Tom Spencer

    Very satisfied with the product. It really works. I use this all the time. Gives me that extra energy and focus that I need. Arrived quickly. Great price for the amount. 10/10 will purchase again.

  44. Grant K.

    A pre-workout that I’m not actually tired of, is extraordinary. Everyone should try it because it will not disappoint. Quality, energy, desired results.

  45. Judi H.

    I bought a bottle and already the results are visible. A lot of energy, I no longer feel tired. I tried a pre workout from another company and the results were not visible. This, pre workout really is worth the money.

  46. Sam G.

    A beneficial product to consume before training. Maximum energy, increased performance, focus and strength.

  47. Ashley P.

    I take it before training and I tell you that it increases my performance during the exercises by giving a boost and postponing fatigue. It maximizes the results of my training. Great product, good price.

  48. Nick W.

    Avery high quality product, it significantly improves my performances and my mood before and during my training.

  49. Lawrence Ryan

    The best pre-workout I’ve tried so far… I’m already at the third bottle and the results are visible. Workouts are more effective, improved endurance, and I’m very focused and more energetic. Super good aroma.

  50. Mildred D.

    I use it regularly before my workouts. Great quality and good energy. It gives me extra boost of energy that I need. I definitely will buy it for a long period. Love the tropical taste.

  51. Jessie M.

    This pre-workout product does its job! One of my favorite flavors. I use this regularly before my workouts and highly recommend it. Definitely will continue to use it.

  52. Keith Soto

    Gives me good energy, clean product, good taste compared to other products – no negative effects by far. I will use this product for many years to come. I think it’s a healthy product, it keeps me focused and gives me extra boost I need when working out.

  53. Ray P.

    Helps me stay focus and gives me the extra boost I need. High recommend it.

  54. Drew Foster

    Love the tropical sunrise taste. Great price too.

  55. Amy Ross

    Just loving this pre workout. It gives me the extra boost of energy I need to stay focus and finish my workout routines.

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