Men’s Ultra Multivitamin

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  • Comprehensive formula: Our Men’s Ultra Multivitamin features a powerful blend of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and ingredients specifically chosen for their immune and prostate support, to help promote optimal health and wellness.
  • High quality ingredients: We use only the finest natural, non-GMO, and gluten-free ingredients to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety.
  • Rigorous testing: Our supplements are manufactured in the USA at FDA registered and GMP certified facilities, and 3rd party laboratory tested for purity, potency, and quality.
  • Great value: With 60 capsules per bottle, you can enjoy a 1-month supply of premium quality multivitamins at an affordable price.
A Certificate of Analysis, or COA, is a document from an accredited laboratory that shows the quantity of various cannabinoids in a product.
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48 reviews for Men's Ultra Multivitamin

  1. Donald Carmel

    My energy levels have increased and I’m loving that.

  2. Joshua F.

    A very good and high-quality product. Been taking daily after meals. I recommend it.

  3. Eric Purcel

    Ultra Multivitamin capsules are a solution for every man. I did not expect such spectacular effects. I am stronger, I have more energy than ever. At first, I had doubts but now I recommend this product to others. It’s really worth a try!

  4. Scott T.

    I take the suggested dose every day all year round, and on days with high physical exertion I take an extra one. It helps to supplement the daily requirement of vitamins and minerals. I feel full of energy and I recommend them. Efficient multivitamins.

  5. Glenn Cox

    Helping improve my health, no complaints here. Have better energy – my wife agrees.

  6. Frank J.

    I am satisfied with the vitamins taken so far, I usually stock up for a few months. The price is also very good compared to what I find in other sites or walk-in stores.

  7. Larry Russell

    I can say that I have tried many vitamins but I like these way better. I am very satisfied with this purchase, it really has given me the expected results. To top it all off, customer service is very patient and efficient. Recommend buying anything from this company.

  8. Jose Jimenez

    I have been taking these vitamins for a long time and I can say that my immunity is very good all year round.

  9. Timothy Long

    I really like this multivitamin. This product achieves all its objectives and is well worth it. I’ve had excellent results with it. It boosts my energy for my hectic lifestyle. I will recommend it to anyone need vitamin for busy lifestyle.

  10. Gary W.

    All the vitamins you need in one tablet. Simple as that. Good nutrition supplement

  11. Joshua B.

    I’m a big fan of vitamins and this product has them all in a pill that is easy to digest and swallow. No stomach problems, it helps my energy level, and has helped improve my daily health. Just what I needed.

  12. Matt Ross

    An excellent vitamin and mineral complex. I take 1 per day, it boost my daily energy and recovery as an athlete. The quality of my life has improved. Very nice supplement of good quality.

  13. Jason A.

    This product has all the necessary vitamins for a healthy body.

  14. Roland P.

    I have taken these vitamins in the past and they have worked well for me. Recently I started taking them again and it stimulates my energy and mood. I feel great. It is a product that I have introduced into my daily routine.

  15. Steve Perry

    Thank you Planta Verde for providing us with this vitamin product that us men need daily. Great quality product price!

  16. Mitch Myers

    I recommend it to all men who have vitamin deficiency. This product is exactly what we need for a healthy life.

  17. Ron P.

    The capsules are small in size, excellent for people who have difficulty swallowing pills. Great addition to my routine.

  18. Brad S.

    Excellent. It’s definitely worth the investment. It’s eliminates my fatigue and gives me energy, they are super beneficial.

  19. Gabriel Bailey

    This is a great overall multivitamin. I take them when i feel like I didn’t get enough nutrients from food but I should take it daily no matte what I eat. I am more energetic and less sleepy. Good blend of vitamins and minerals at great price.

  20. Elmer D.

    Excellent combination of vitamins and minerals at a very reasonable price. No side effect and I feel great with it.

  21. Andre Sanders

    I take my capsules at breakfast to ensure my vitamins are in for the whole day. I have tried different types of vitamins, but these are the best value for the money and quality. If you are looking for something of high quality, you have found it here.

  22. Franklin Hughes

    It’s all you need to ensure a complete set of vitamins and amino acids for your body. A product that I’m very satisfied with, I use it and order it constantly.

  23. Cecil L.

    This product is extremely amazing for me. I am in the military and feel like I need to get all the vitamins and minerals I need. This is a wonderful addition to my daily life.

  24. Duane V.

    After only a few days of taking these vitamins, my mood, muscles and bones feel much better. The difference is considerable.

  25. Chester Brooks

    One of the most complex products, contains an optimal combination of vitamins and minerals. I noticed an increase in the level of mental and physical energy when taking two capsules a day.

  26. Ben Castillo

    I feel like this gives me a boost of energy and focus.

  27. Raul A.

    Like having these as part of my routine now. I highly recommend it.

  28. Milton P.

    The only supplement that helped my friend with full recovery from intense physical activity.

  29. Edgar M.

    A great supplement to my diet. Contains important nutrients. Very satisfied with purchase.

  30. Gary G.

    Good price, worth it

  31. Raphael Neto

    Glad to have found these great vitamins especially because of this pandemic that doesn’t seem to end. Highly recommend it. Stay healthy people and take your daily ultra vitamins.

  32. Nathaniel B.

    Definitely feel a bit more energy and like knowing I am getting my daily dosage since I am not a big healthy eater.

  33. Angelo James

    Great nutrient/ingredient profile. Would buy again and recommend it.

  34. Brett W.

    My wife bought me these and we both see a difference in my energy level and sleep pattern. We are very happy to have found a great product at a great price.

  35. Ruben Chavez

    Great product. Easy shipping

  36. Reginaldo Jr.

    I just received these vitamins and would recommend this to anyone needing a boost in their health. Easy to digest and swallow.

  37. Marc N.

    Must have in a household for any young or old man. I buy these for myself and my sons who have bad eating habits and don’t even live at home.

  38. Lee B.

    Enjoying these for a while now. Good packaging and great customer service!

  39. Jacob Watson

    Great quality brand and ultra vitamins for men. Easy to swallow and no issues with my stomach after taking them.Very pleased with this product.

  40. Chad Taylor

    Big fan of vitamins and I feel this specific one covers a lot of important ones to boost my health.Two thumbs up.

  41. Travis R.

    My husband has been taking this ultra vitamin for men for over a year now and loves all the ingredients in it. He feels he has more energy throughout the day and that’s wonderful, especially since we are in our mid 50’s already. Thank you Planta Verde for a wonderful product as well as price!

  42. Jeffery Kim

    A+ for this ultravitamin! I am now a repeat customer. Great customer service too.

  43. Vinny H.

    Good buy

  44. Marvin K.

    Really helps my energy level

  45. Allen Reid

    Awesome value for the money. It gives all the vitamins and more that any men could need. Will be back to buy more.

  46. Curtis Peters

    No negatives to say about these ultra multivitamins! I’ve taken many brands over the years but the ingredients in this one surpasses them all. I recommend it.

  47. Rodney Bailey

    Just what I needed! This is exactly what I was missing in my daily routine. So many positive things that come with it. I plan on continuing to take his in the future.

  48. Jeff P.

    Great everyday vitamins. My husband takes it daily to stay healthy and mentioned increase in energy when he takes it without skipping any days.

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