Max Detox w/ Acai Berry Complex

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  • Natural detoxification: The powerful blend of natural ingredients in Max Detox, including acai berry extract, slippery elm bark, ginger root, and chlorella, helps to flush out toxins and impurities from your body. This promotes healthy organ function, supports the immune system, and can even improve your skin’s appearance.
  • Improved digestion: Max Detox’s combination of natural ingredients also supports healthy digestion. Ginger root helps to soothe digestive issues and reduce inflammation, while acai berry extract provides a natural source of fiber that can help regulate bowel movements.
  • Increased energy: By removing toxins and impurities from your body, Max Detox can help to boost your energy levels. Acai berry extract is also rich in antioxidants, which can help to combat fatigue and reduce oxidative stress in the body.
  • Convenient capsule form: Max Detox with Acai Berry Complex comes in easy-to-swallow capsules, making it a convenient and hassle-free way to support your body’s detoxification needs. No need to mix with water or other liquids, simply take the recommended dosage of capsules each day to reap the benefits of this powerful formula.
A Certificate of Analysis, or COA, is a document from an accredited laboratory that shows the quantity of various cannabinoids in a product.
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47 reviews for Max Detox w/ Acai Berry Complex

  1. Judith D.

    Great natural remedy. Very happy.

  2. Kay James

    I use this product after meals to stop feeling bloated and I am very satisfied with the quality and price. I love this and the digestive enzymes they sell.

  3. Dawn Baker

    This antioxidant with acai berry helped me lose 5 lbs in record time by helping with colon cleanses daily. I no longer feel bloated, it helps you eliminate toxins. I feel very good and I think everyone should try it- it really works.

  4. Rita C.

    I highly recommend to all people who are bloated after eating food. Try this unique product that gives real
    results, very good price for a quality product!

  5. Crystal G.

    I have been taking these capsules daily and along with going to the gym, I have lost several pounds. An exceptional detoxifier that helps cleanse the colon. I just finished the second bottle and the results started to show. I recommend this product to everyone.

  6. Peggy Flores

    I have tried other products, but this is a product with better and more positive results. It is the most effective way to detox for me, out of all that I have tried.

  7. Mike G.

    Combined with sports and good diet, this product gave me amazing results. I could see a difference on my figure after only two weeks. Thank you!

  8. Luis F.

    This product is amazing. I’ve been taking this for a few weeks and already feeling less bloated and lighter. I feel better every day, like I have more energy as well. Overall it helps me with the constipation issues too. Seems to be working. Great product.

  9. Tonia Hill

    This detox does the job. Helps you lose weight and your gut will certainly be cleaned out. I always drink a lot of fluids. I took one in the morning and one at night, and that is enough to get the job done. Great product.

  10. Deborah W.

    This supplement helped me to regulate my body weight, it cleanses my colon, I am very satisfied with it.

  11. Gladys H.

    Changing my diet and using this product helped me lose weight very fast, and at the same time I feel full of energy. I recommend anyone who’s looking to lose weight and detox their body to try this Acai Berry Complex.

  12. Kim Walker

    I have always search for a supplement to help me with my weight problem. Since I found Acai Berry Complex, I feel much better and I don’t feel bloated anymore. It also gives me more energy. Best supplement ever.

  13. Sara Robinson

    Great and high quality product, I really like it. Recommend to all of my friends and family members.

  14. Bryan Nguyen

    Love how these capsules help me lose a few extra pounds. Definitely help with bowel movement, making it more frequently throughout the day. I don’t feel dehydrated at all from it. It does miracles. Order it…you will love the benefits.

  15. Danny Scott

    I have tried other products and nothing compares with this from Planta Verde. It definitely works and I feel better after using it. Excellent value.

  16. Lorie L.

    I have used this product for over a year an it does what it promises. This purchase is always of good value.

  17. Kevin B.

    Very helpful to lose weight with balanced diet. If you need to cleanse, this is perfect for it also. Fantastic item and well packed. I recommend trying it.

  18. Anthony Fontana

    This product works well with my body…I feel better every day after taking it. I feel that it has helped me with my constipation problems. Definitely will continue to use it.

  19. Michelle M.

    I have been using these pills for over a month and I feel an improvement in my overall health.

  20. Sharon S.

    I have been taking this product daily for the past month or so and I’m super pleased with its effectiveness. It helps me feel regular and speeds up my metabolism considerably. Great price for a product that works!

  21. Ronnie Torres

    I love this product, and will continue to buy it. I love the ingredients and this cleanser will keep you regular.

  22. Brian K.

    After 3 days of detox I feel much more energetic, lighter, more feminine, and surprisingly stronger. I decided to continue ordering this supplement because it is so well-balanced. Thanks for a great price and product.

  23. Ruth Allen

    I bought it especially for my mother who is elderly and I see an improvement in her condition.

  24. Carol Young

    We all have a period that requires these periodic detoxifications and this product is perfect for detox. Thanks. Recommend it.

  25. Donna Lewis

    Thank you for this natural remedy. The effects are visible, I lost a few pounds in a short time! It’s wonderful.

  26. Ed C.

    I felt a big difference after the first week. So far I’m really impressed and can highly recommend it.

  27. Steven Perez

    I have recently started to use this supplement and I must say, I feel amazing.

  28. Sandra R.

    It helps with my bloating and helped clear my skin and decrease my eczema. I would definitely recommend this product.

  29. Kenneth P.

    Super product.Definitely give it five stars!

  30. Helen Clark

    Purchase this max detox all the time. It does my body wonders and makes me feel great.

  31. Betty S.

    Good product that works!

  32. Karen H.

    Great purchase for me. I took the whole bottle to then start a diet with lots of water and green juices and no carbs. So far so good. Lost several pounds in the first week already.

  33. George Martin

    The only detox pills that have worked well for me. Happy to get rid of bad toxins.

  34. Nancy White

    Works better than other detox products I have purchased. Works just as described if you are consistent with it.

  35. Don Thompson

    Love it! This pill really works and this is my 5th purchase.

  36. Mark H.

    Yes, I would recommend this product. It works well and remember to drink lots of fluids.

  37. Paul J.

    This is a great detox pill! It can help losing weight but keep in mind that you also need to watch what you eat. This is no miracle pill but I have enjoyed the results and how I feel.

  38. Danni Perez

    Keeps me regular

  39. Dorothy Lee

    This stuff works well. Been taking it for almost 3 weeks and my pants feel loose and my bloated feeling is gone.

  40. Joseph Martin

    This products is awesome. It has flushed out toxins and some pounds and I am not feeling bloated like before.

  41. Will Davis

    Just starting taking my first bottle…feeling pretty good so far. Excited to see the changes once I am done with first bottle.

  42. Michael G.

    Easy and fast way to get my detox done. You won’t be disappointed with this one.

  43. Linda Jones

    They work for real. I use one bottle every other month is how I do my detox with these pills. Highly recommend it.

  44. Patricia Williams

    In the past, I tried other brands but feel this one is most effective. I got them to lose some weight and it has been working. So far so good.

  45. Rob Johnson

    Can’t say enough about these pills! I managed to lose a few pounds, my skin looks better and brighter and my metabolism is back on track. Thank you Planta Verde for this affordable and great product!

  46. James S.

    Highly recommend for fast detox. Will definitely purchase again if needed. Great results.

  47. Mary Brown

    I’ve taken this product for 30 days now and I’m enjoying the results I see. I have lost a few pounds and have more energy.

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