Elderberry Immune Support

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Elderberries are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that help boost your immune system. Tame inflammation, lessen stress, and boost your immune system with Planta Verde Elderberry Immune Support with Vitamin C.

A Certificate of Analysis, or COA, is a document from an accredited laboratory that shows the quantity of various cannabinoids in a product.
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56 reviews for Elderberry Immune Support

  1. Nick Harrison

    There’s absolutely nothing negative about this product. So many great ingredients are bodies need to keep a strong and healthy immune system.

  2. Betty N.

    Great for improving bone health.

  3. Laura Noble

    The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components of the elderberry help me relieve joint pain and inflammation and I take it as part of my daily routine.

  4. Rachel Dore

    Stock up on this every year, especially fall/winter season.

  5. Alex Portes

    Elderberry extract gives my body the seasonal antioxidant resistance I need. Thanks to them, I am prepared for the cold season.

  6. Alicia G.

    Highly recommend it! Awesome price.

  7. Sharon F.

    Good and easy shipping method. Thank you.

  8. Cindy Chase

    Happy to be adding this to my family’s daily supplement list. Customer service agent was so nice and answered all my questions before ordering it. Excited to be getting my order soon.

  9. Neal Moses

    Standing behind this company and their products. Everything I have bought so far has been outstanding.

  10. Edward Christian

    Great customer service, very friendly and helpful.

  11. Rebecca Cantrell

    Feeling good after taking these for a little over three months. I feel my health is better and digestion is finally on track as it should be.

  12. Caleb Jones

    Love it.

  13. Deb Prince

    I’ve been taking these for a little over two months and I just love them. I prefer to take these before bed.Very satisfied.

  14. Melinda Borges

    Good alternative to syrups. Going to take it every day to prevent sickness.

  15. Kevin Daugherty

    Love this product! Much more affordable than so many other brands and yet the ingredients are still on par. So rich in antioxidants and it’s also an anti-inflammatory. Great buy for me and my family.

  16. Marie Jarvis

    Works great for cold/flu like symptoms.

  17. Ashlee S.

    There’s absolutely nothing negative about this product. So many great ingredients are bodies need to keep a strong and healthy immune system.

  18. Paulo Ramos

    Got it in the mail today. Shipping was fast and I’m excited to get this going!

  19. Carole P.

    My friend who is a RN recommended this elderberry immune support to help prevent cold and flu symptoms and now I am hooked! Haven’t had a cold since I started taking it every single day.

  20. Emily Thompson

    My inflammation has been tamed after taking this for a few weeks and my stress level has decreased. All positive results.

  21. Kimberly Berger

    Friendly customer service and shipping was fast. I will start taking it today.

  22. Christopher M.

    Full of great vitamins, turmeric, elderberry and much more. Worth every penny.

  23. Steve T.

    Believe this has helped me stay healthy during the pandemic by taking it daily, never skipping a day. Glad it’s always in stock.

  24. Betty Collier

    This elderberry product is wonderful. It’s packed with antioxidants and vitamins and helps with digestion! You won’t be disappointed, so add it to your cart.

  25. Marcus V.

    Love it! Have always taken it but because of the pandemic, I stocked up. It’s wonderful for your immune system and good health.

  26. Donald E.

    Fantastic product that has so much the body needs to keep our immune system healthy. I used to buy the elderberry syrup much I like the capsule form so much more!

  27. Margaret Kaiser

    I starting taking this product because I had a lot of issues with sore throats…it also worked for other members of my family. Now I take 1 capsule every morning and I have found that they are very good during this time when we are dealing with various flus and viruses, they help to calm the inflammations. I recommend them

  28. Tony Bowman

    These are extremely effective. I do feel that it helped me get through cold and flu season. Recommend it without hesitation.

  29. Nancy B.

    We have been using these products for a couple of years as an immunity supplement. I’m glad I found them for a great price.

  30. Karen Shepard

    Excellent composition, a proven brand, an excellent supplement in the autumn/winter period. At the first symptoms of a cold, I increase the dosage and the start of a cold was gone. Strongly recommend it!

  31. Thomas J.

    Top quality! Always have it at home.

  32. Joseph W.

    Love this elderberry supplement. I haven’t caught a cold at all, it has strengthened my immunity considerably. Awesome product, I tell everyone to try it and you should too! You will not be disappointed.

  33. Lisa Rollins

    Effective supplement. I believe everyone should think about their health the Elderberry is definitely an added supplement the older we get especially.

  34. Sarah Shaw

    Have recommended it to family and friends. It works great to scare off colds. Excellent for boosting immunity. Perfect for people who have problems with immunity also.

  35. Suzanne C.

    These supplements are great to have at home and keep it stocked. The ingredients are organic which is a bonus.

  36. Barb Jenkins

    We often order vitamins from this company. Last year, in the winter, I bought the same vitamins and my whole family was never sick during the whole winter. This product is just what we need.

  37. William Berry

    I have a lot of issues with inflammation in my body and a low immune system. I feel my joints are not as achy when I take these.

  38. Beth M.

    Loving the antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects. I recommend both adults and children.

  39. Linda Hammond

    Its benefits are crazy good, it is an antioxidant, supports immunity in a difficult period of virus spread. I strongly recommend it. My whole family takes it as soon as someone starts to feel yucky.

  40. Mike Logan

    I bought 3 bottles for myself and my family. All ingredients are natural and we love that. Easy way to help boost our immune system.

  41. Jenny Stout

    Always stock up…we absolutely see and feel the benefits of it.

  42. Mr. Robert Mosley

    Wonderful supplement for our immune support, will definitely purchase again.

  43. Patricia T.

    Easy to take on a daily basis. I really feel like it helps support my immune system.

  44. James Wall

    I plan to continue buying this product. Worth the try.

  45. Mary Dawson

    Very satisfied. My body is liking this for sure.

  46. Liam Soto

    I would definitely recommend adding these to anyone’s daily routine. I have more energy, my digestion is superb now and haven’t gotten any colds.

  47. Olivia D.

    My RN friend recommended this product to me to prevent colds and flu. Trust me, it works great. I usually take daily before bed and feel great in the morning. There is nothing negative to be said about this natural product. Great buy, very satisfied.

  48. Mrs. Charlotte Scott

    It has so many ingredients that keep your body healthy and improve your immune system.

  49. Jack Friedman

    Since I started to take this supplement, I have not caught one single cold or anything else for that matter. So thankful for this awesome find that is affordable.

  50. Harper L.

    We buy this product for our kids before school starts every year and after every Christmas break. But now with so many illnesses I’ve started giving it to them all the time during the summer season too. For the past 2 years, our kids have had no major viruses and have been generally healthy – I am very confident that this supplement is doing its job providing immunity to my kids.

  51. Ellie Prince

    I have been taking these capsules regularly now for over eight months. For the first time in five years, even though other people around me have been ill, my system has resisted.

  52. Ms. Haley Evans

    I caught a cold and right away I ordered this product. I can say that after three days of taking these pills my symptoms disappeared and I think this product increased my immunity considerably.

  53. Dana H.

    My whole family takes this product every day. We consume 2 bottles per month. I haven’t had a cold since taking these supplements and feel that our immune system is very strong because of it. I recommend them in all seasons, they are a plus for every body!

  54. Ethan C.

    Perfect composition of ingredients. Very good for the body immune complex and absolutely nothing synthetic about these. Good for all ages.

  55. Ben Harris

    I have been taking these daily for a few months and have not had a single cold or flu. Builds up my immunity. Excellent supplement

  56. Sophia Collins

    I feel better since taking these vitamins. I take 2 every day. This is the only vitamin i don’t complain about.

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