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  • Improved Digestion: The Makzyme-Pro Enzyme Blend in Planta Verde’s Digestive Enzyme Pro Blend is specifically designed to support the natural digestive process by breaking down food more efficiently, resulting in improved digestion and less discomfort such as bloating and gas.
  • Enhanced Nutrient Absorption: By using the Makzyme-Pro Enzyme Blend, our formula ensures that your body is able to absorb all of the important nutrients it needs to function at its best, leading to increased energy and vitality.
  • Natural and Plant-Based: Planta Verde’s Digestive Enzyme Pro Blend is made with a blend of natural plant-based enzymes, ensuring that you’re getting only the best for your body. Our formula is free from any harmful chemicals or additives, making it a safe and healthy option for anyone looking to support their digestive health.
  • Suitable for All Dietary Preferences: Our Digestive Enzyme Pro Blend is suitable for all dietary preferences, including vegetarian and vegan diets. It’s easy to use and can be added to your daily routine without any hassle, making it the perfect addition to any healthy lifestyle.
A Certificate of Analysis, or COA, is a document from an accredited laboratory that shows the quantity of various cannabinoids in a product.
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48 reviews for Digestive Enzyme Pro Blend

  1. R. Rich

    This was my first time trying this brand of digestive enzymes and it worked really well for my digestion. I will be ordering more since now my husband also wants to take it.

  2. Debb Hayworth

    Really great. At this moment I am placing a new order…I’m happy you exist Planta Verde.

  3. Teri Acker

    I have been using this product every day for several months because of the discomforts. I have terrible stomach pain when I eat meat. This helps me a lot with my indigestion.

  4. Pat W.

    I tried this product and I confirm that it helps a lot with indigestion, I take it twice a day and I have no problems.

  5. Natalie Wilson

    I am very happy that this site offers a product that really gives
    exceptional results, after taking this product I no longer feel any discomfort after eating, this
    product will surely be part of my daily routine every day for a long time.

  6. Trevor S.

    For many years I dealt with digestive issues and after I began taking this digestive enzyme Pro Blend my problems disappeared. I take one capsule before and after any meal a day. Great price for a great product. I highly recommend this product.

  7. Phil I.

    Since I began using this product, I have had no problems with digestion. I am not bloated anymore at all after meals. Thank you Planta Verde for offering us this amazing product at a great price. Highly recommend this product to anyone I talk to.

  8. Diane Garrett

    Such a great product! It definitely helps me with indigestion and I take it daily before my meals. Carry it everywhere I go.

  9. Jenna A.

    Digestive Enzyme Pro Blend is really another great product on this site because all their supplements are wonderful. I have never had problems with this, the enzymes work great and do not leave gas or upset stomach. No heartburn after I take them, they just work. I highly recommend this product and brand, great price and product.

  10. Anita Borges

    Very effective at first using it. This product ensures a good and complete digestion, reduces bloating, flatulence and abdominal spasms.

  11. Mary T.

    I tried a number of other digestive products, but I can tell anyone this one made a remarkable difference in my digestive health. This product is not only amazingly comprehensive, but provides the right levels of enzymes for optimal digestion.

  12. Allan D.

    After trying this product I was impressed with how I no longer had to worry at mealtime. I can eat any food and have very minimal discomfort after eating, if any issues at all. Glad to have found this!

  13. Izzy R.

    One of the best digestive enzymes I’ve tried. Started taking these based on the recommendation of my nutritionist. The composition is very clean and transparent. Capsules small and convenient. It works great to improve my digestion

  14. Roy E.

    The ingredients are all plant based with nothing artificial. These really helps my digestion issues.

  15. Lori M.

    I have dealt with digestive issues since childhood but these supplements have completely fixed my problem.

  16. Theresa H.

    I take this product after meals, it works great and saves me every time, especially when I eat spicy food. I am so grateful to have found this digestive enzyme blend. I hope they never stop selling it. I strongly recommend this product.

  17. Charlotte Leblanc

    It is an excellent supplement of enzymes for the intestinal health and gut. Really help me with digestive discomfort after any meal. Keeps my stomach free from digestive problems. Wonderful product.

  18. Ralph Manning

    Helps me to have a good digestion.

  19. Mason L.

    I have been taking these with every meal for the past couple of years and I really think they have been making a huge difference in my overall digestive health. I will continue buying these, they are of great quality

  20. Danielle Johnson

    I highly recommend this product. The benefit has been a life changing for me and my husband.

  21. Beverly Lee

    An extraordinary product and very effective for digestion. I am a happy and satisfied customer and recommend this product.

  22. Bobby G.

    A friend recommended Planta Verde to me and so I bought this product. It can be seen that there is a lot of passion in this site and their products. I will try the other products.

  23. Russell D.

    I have been using this product for quite some time now. I take it after meals and I no longer have stomach problems and I am very satisfied with the quality and price. I recommend it to everyone who has difficulty with digestion.

  24. Brittany Moore

    Love that it works as described. I am a very satisfied repeat buyer and recommend this product.

  25. Amber Burton

    Happy with this product. Awesome and has a high potency. I use it frequently and my parents take them daily. They suffer from bad indigestion but these enzymes give them relief.

  26. Marylyn N.

    So happy with these capsules. I use them when I’m having a large meal that my body may need extra help in digesting.

  27. Eugene Padilla

    Been taking these for several months now because of the discomfort I have in my stomach when I eat meat. It helps me a lot to relieve symptoms.

  28. Doris M.

    It truly helps me relieve the symptoms of dairy intolerance. Really loving it.

  29. Vincent P.

    I have recently started to use this supplement and I must say, I feel amazing. I don’t feel so uncomfortable or bloated anymore.

  30. Fances Barrett

    The best enzymes. It is a good product for me that helped me a lot and with bloating, clearly I will still order.

  31. Jay P.

    Normally I have used enzymes from other brands, but this product really does its job and it’s affordable!

  32. Jean A.

    I have bad IBS but these have helped a lot. If you deal with IBS or any digestive issue, don’t hesitate to order them. I bet they will help you too!

  33. Grace Santana

    A must have for digestion and bloating.

  34. Denise B.

    Very happy with purchase. Good results.

  35. Randy McKnight

    Been taking these daily and they have significantly helped me feel better and less bloated after meals. I highly recommend these to anyone who suffers from bloating or digestive issues in general.

  36. Alice W.

    I noticed a difference in my gut health within a couple weeks of taking it.Bowel movements were more regular, I feel more energetic, and definitely less bloating. Recommend it!

  37. Mrs. Judy Futato

    Feel way less bloated since started taking these.

  38. Abigail E.

    Good to keep digestion on track.

  39. Billy V.

    I take these everywhere I go especially when eating out. I take them whenever I feel bloated and they make me feel so much better.

  40. Dennis Bernard Jr.

    Been taking it 3 times a day and I feel better. I highly recommend this product.

  41. Erik Shirley

    Great price for a great product.Hard to beat.

  42. Anna Griffith

    Great find after the holiday season. Can’t wait to never feel miserable again after meals. Thanks guys for making it affordable.

  43. Emma Lowe

    Life saver

  44. Pam H.

    Definitely a game changer. Highly recommend this product.

  45. Frank H.

    I can’t believe I have found such a wonderful product that finally helps me with indigestion, bloating and the overall nasty feeling you can get after meals. I take them daily before my meals and my gut feels so much better.

  46. Jonathan T.

    5 STARS! Finally something that works. Big difference in my bloating and discomfort after eating. I wish I had found this sooner! I will keep this in stock at home all the time now.

  47. Amy Parker

    Major difference in digestion and bloating.

  48. Cynthia Shea

    This product has really helped me digest my food. I rarely get indigestion after my meals. I find it best to take 1 capsule before and after my meals.

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